Blushing (Metal)

Problem - Blushing (metal)
A white haze appears on the paint film.

Possible causes

  • Applying alkyd or oil paint on surfaces exposed to sunlight.
  • Dew or moisture condensation on surfaces freshly painted with alkyd or oil paint.
  • High humidity during painting or when surface is drying.


All paints will lose some of their gloss due to exposure to UV radiation that causes binders to decay. High-quality acrylate paints maintain their gloss well. For surface preparation and painting, see Poor paint adhesion in galvanized iron.

Do not paint when there is evening dew or when rain is expected. The best weather for painting is when it is warm and overcast. The surface temperature must be below + 40 °C. See the product label for information on painting conditions.

Use a suitable Tikkurila tin roof paint.