Colour fading and poor durability

Problem - Fading of colour / poor durability
Rapid or excessive colour fading, typically on south and west-facing walls exposed to plenty of sunshine. Fading or poor durability may also be caused by chalking of the paint film.

Possible causes

  • The paint is not suitable for exterior surfaces (especially bright and dark colours).
  • Tinting of colours unsuited to tinting.
  • The paint was tinted with an unsuitable colourant.
  • Too much colourant was added to the paint.
  • Use of oil or alkyd paint - chalking will occur over time.


If fading is caused by chalking, see .

Select a colour from the Tikkurila Exterior Paints Colour Card, the Façade Colour Card or from the Vinha-Valtti Opaque Colour Card. Apply a suitable Tikkurila exterior paint according to instructions. If the surface to be painted is in an open, sunny location, we recommend topcoating with acrylate paint, which can withstand severe weather conditions.