Fontefloor EP Primer

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ОПИС A two-component water-borne epoxy primer.

Used for dust binding and priming of untreated concrete floors.

Seals the concrete surface and confirms adhesion prior to Temafloor coatings and screeds and Fontefloor paints.

Suitable for priming of damp concrete (relative humidity of the concrete over 97%) surfaces prior to Fontefloor EP 100 epoxy paint.

Can be used for patching cracks and holes in concrete.
Перпорачана употреба Concrete floor.

Features Good water vapour permeability.
Gloss groups Semi-gloss

Coverage on concrete floors is on the average:


Priming  5–7 m2/l


Practical coverage depends on the porosity and evenness of the substrate and on the application method.
Разредувач Water
Mixing ratio Base 1.5 parts by volume 008 4570
Hardener 1 part by volume 008 4571
Pot-life (+23°C) Approx. 40 min after mixing (50% thinned).
Време на сушење на 23°C и 50% релативна влажност на воздухот

Dust dry after 5 hours

Recoatable after 6 hours

Fully cured after 7 days


Drying and recoating times are related to the film thickness, temperature, the relative humidity of the air and ventilation.
Содржина на цврсти материи approx. 66%.
Густина 1.1 kg / l (mixed).
Шифра на производот Base 008 4570 and hardener 008 4571

Услови за примена The temperature of the ambient air, surface or coating should not fall below +15ºC during application or drying. Relative humidity of air should not exceed 80%.
Припрема New concrete
Remove laitance by power grinding or hydrochloric acid etching. Choose the method best suited for the premises. After grinding remove dust carefully with a vacuum cleaner. Hydrochloric acid etching is carried out with diluted hydrochloric acid (1 part concentrated hydrochloric acid, 4 parts water). Rinse with plenty of water. Dry the floor.

Old concrete
Remove all grease, oil, chemicals and other impurities by MAALIPESU detergent. Remove old peeling paint layer by grinding. Clean out pot-holes removing all loose friable material. Open cracks with e.g. an abrasive tool. Remove loose material and dust.
Priming Prime with 30–50% thinned Fontefloor EP Primer. Always add the water needed to a ready mixture and stir thoroughly. Pour the mixture onto the floor, apply with a rubber trowel or a roller. Prime once or twice depending on the porosity of the concrete.
Patching Fill holes and cracks with a mixture of unthinned Fontefloor EP Primer and dry, clean sand. Mixing ratio e.g. 1 part by volume of Fontefloor EP Primer mixture and 1–2 parts by volume of sand of grain size 0.1–0.6 mm. Sand the patched areas before finishing.
Note! Concrete surface should always be primed before patching.
Finishing Finishing should be done not earlier than 6 hours after the priming. If the primed surface is not overcoated within 48 hours, it should be abraded. Pour the mixture onto the floor, apply with a rubber trowel and level with a roller.

Note! Fontefloor EP Primer adheres also to wet concrete. If there is constant moisture rising from the concrete and Fontefloor EP Primer is topcoated with a non-breathing coating or screed, there is a risk of failure between the primer and topcoat.
Mixing of components Mix the correct proportions of base and hardener thoroughly (3–5 minutes) by using a low speed industrial hand drill with a paddle. Insufficient mixing or incorrect mixing ratio will result in uneven drying of the surface, weaken the properties of the coating and risk the success of the application. The resulting emulsion can then be thinned with water to desired application viscosity.
Чистење на алатот Water. Equipment should be cleaned immediately after use before the paint has dried.
EU VOC 2004/42/EC ограничена вредност VOC 2004/42/EC (cat A/j) 140 g/l (2010)
Fontefloor EP Primer: max. VOC < 140 g/l

во согласност со Регулативата (EC) No. 1272/2008
Containers are provided with safety labels, which should be observed. Further information about hazardous influences and protection are detailed in individual health and safety data sheets. A health and safety data sheet is available on request from Tikkurila Oyj.
Safety data sheetFONTEFLOOR EP PRIMER eng
Hardener safety data sheetFONTEFLOOR EP HARDENER eng

The European harmonized productstandard EN 1504-2:2004 defines the requirements for surface protection systems for concrete.

This product is tested and CE-labelled in accordance with the tables 1d, and 1f in the
appendix ZA.
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EN 1504-2:2004
Product for protection and repair of concrete structures – Coating
[Износостойкость] puuttuu kielellä mk
according to the top coat
[Проницаемость углекислого газа] puuttuu kielellä mk
[В зависимости от покрывного материала системы] puuttuu kielellä mk
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[NPD] puuttuu kielellä mk
[Паропроницаемость] puuttuu kielellä mk
Class I, sD < 5 m
[Капиллярная впитываемость и водопроницаемость] puuttuu kielellä mk
w < 0,1 kg/m² ∙ h0,5
[Прочность на растяжение при изгибе] puuttuu kielellä mk
≥ 2,0 N/mm²
[Реакция на огонь] puuttuu kielellä mk
Efl (NPD)
[Прочность сцепления с мокрым бетоном] puuttuu kielellä mk
≥ 1,5 N/mm², no visual