Building material emission classification M1

Building materials for indoor use, such as paint, can be classified according to their emission levels. FISIAQ, the Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate, has classified building material into three groups.

The top M1 class is reserved for materials that emit extremely low levels of compounds into the atmosphere. Class M2 Materials emit moderate amounts of compounds, while M3 classified materials have either not been tested or fail to meet strict emission levels.

M1 certification is granted by RTS, the Finnish Building Information Foundation, to materials approved in laboratory tests. Materials are tested for organic compounds, formaldehyde, ammonia, and carcinogenic substances. A small team of professionals also evaluates the product’s odour emissions. All testing is carried out four weeks after the product is launched.

According to test results, Tikkurila Remontti-Ässä, for example, emits as few compounds as gypsum board.

Instructions for allergic and susceptible consumers

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