Overlapping on exterior surfaces

Problem - Lapping on exterior surfaces
Darker or glossier area on the painted surface, uneven colour.

Possible causes

  • Failure to maintain wet edges between rows of paint.
  • Unprimed porous surfaces.
  • The paint was not stirred before or during application.
  • Uneven application of paint.
  • Painting in direct sunlight or high temperatures.
  • Translucent products were not applied in continuous strokes from one edge to the other.


Use enough paint. Ensure you have enough paint of the same batch number to paint the whole surface and avoid colour differences. Divide the surface into small areas and plan overlapping in less noticeable areas above or below eye level, e.g. corners.

When applying translucent wood finishes, always apply continuously from one edge to the other.

If the surface is porous, use a primer to even out absorption.

Alkyd paints require a longer drying time.

Do not paint in direct sunlight. The best weather for painting is when it is warm and overcast. See the product label for information on painting conditions.