Tikkurila's colour systems

About Tikkurila Tintint systems

Different systems for different needs

Tinting systems for decorative paints have been in use since the late 1940s, and those for industrial coatings since the early 1980s. These systems are used successfully in the production of huge quantities of paint that match and even exceed both the colour consistency and the accuracy of ready-made colours. Not only that, the paint is available immediately.

Tikkurila's paint business and paint manufacture are based on the concept of tinting. Tikkurila can supply paint retailers and distributors with all the necessary components for a modern tinting system and ensure its smooth introduction.

The tinting system is flexible enough to produce almost any colour in the world. First, a colour sample is needed for processing a colour formula either at the paint factory or at the retailers, and then the desired colour can be produced at the point-of-sale.

A wider choice with Symphony

Tikkurila Symphony is the most extensive and modern colour system on the market. It is easy and logical to use, and the colours have been created especially for paint.

Tikkurila's new colour system has made many a home decorators' dream come true. Symphony-brand material and equipment are on display at paint retailers, who can provide customers with complete ready-to-use packages.  

Tikkurila Symphony is the result of five years of development work. It includes special colour models for interior decorators and consumers. Tikkurila first interviewed 650 interior decorators, and the professional range of colours - 2,436 colours in all - was based on these findings. There are also 720 colours available to consumers via a point-of-sale display system.

Tikkurila also provides tools for colour planning, such as colour advice charts and colour planning software.

Facade colours for exteriors

The Tikkurila collection of facade colours includes 232 colours for mineral and wooden surfaces. In addition to the Tikkurila codes, the colour fan samples also show the corresponding NCS colour codes. Tikkurila exterior paints can be tinted in all the colours shown in the Facade colour fan.

Temaspeed for industrial customers

Tinting is the answer to modern paint production, as it is not cost-effective to mix paint at the factory when you only need small quantities of coloured paint. Tikkurila manufactures large batches of base paint and distributors use it in tinting machines supplied with a range of colourants. It takes only 2-3 minutes to process 20 litres of paint in any colour.

The Tikkurila colour data bank incorporates several international colour cards, as well as other standard colours and many major OEM machinery colours. The Tikkurila colour-matching software is used to replicate additional colours.